Pictured: Installed Rocket Finial and Copper Panels fabricated by Thompson-Mathis Metal Mfg. /Installed Hugo Rivera.

Below are examples of custom finial work we’ve done for clients.

finial-spiked-lady-tall-and-shorty jester-finial highlands-finial custom-designed-finials
Spiked Lady Jester Highlands Custom
shelly-finial-steeple-base finial-paintgrip-the-archer finial-copper-the-dallas-tall-and-shorty bar-bell-finial
Shelly The Archer The Dallas Bar Bell
 fenial-copper  dark-finial  rocket finial fabricated finials
 Rocket Finial
replicated finial custom fabricated finials fabricated custom finials custom fabricated finial production in dallas
Replicated Finials
custom fabricated finial with a half moon on top before and after shot of a finial
Before and After View
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